Re-Building My Confidence and Claircognizance

So I recently discovered that I am claircognizant (clear-knowing). Many times, my intuition manifests in the form of just knowing things, despite evidence to my realizations. But, over the last few years, I lost confidence in myself and started listening to outside forces and giving them the power to decide what’s right for me and what isn’t.

For example, after a very strong spiritual experience, my claircognizance became much stronger. But I was still searching for validation. During that time, I met many people who would often disagree with my insights and information. In the end, my insights proved to be true BUT I was so uncomfortable with myself and so insecure that I continued to follow them and to listen to them and slowly stopped listening to the information I received. In addition to this, I was curious about psychics, having never had a reading done in life. After experiencing their clairvoyant abilities, I started going to them more for validation of the information I received (because unlike clairvoyance, and the other forms of abilities, mines has no foundation in the 5 physical senses). So it’s very difficult for me to justify my information. Saying “I just know” doesn’t always cut it. Or at least it didn’t.

After many years of not trusting myself, I’m all validation-seeking out. I have nothing left to google, no more questions to ask on forums, or to ask to psychics. I’m just kind of tired of it. So for the last week, I’ve been alone, with myself, coming face to face with final batch of my insecurities and fears. Loneliness, making mistakes, going in the wrong direction because my way is different from other’s way. Just a bunch of deep personal, inner conflicts that I’ve been avoiding for some years now. I can’t run from them anymore. I need to heal. I need to build my confidence and to trust that claircognizant ability I have.

How do I know this? Simply put: I just know.


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