I had a dream in which I was walking on a hill that overlooked a beach. While there, I saw my twin and sought to avoid him so as to not make the experience uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I gave in and while walking away from the beach, I texted him to tell him I saw him. He was pleasant. But the conversation was brief and very symbolic. He said that he had been going to a gym and that he has found that he can create an energetic space in himself in order to experience joy and peace and love. He said that everything is love and ended it with drawing a picture that in the end formed the shape of the letter “U”. As I looked up, I saw I was walking towards a building with someone who said, “Okay, I’ll let you go now” and I noticed that I had been handcuffed to this building and the chains were long enough for me to walk on the beach but not escape the beach or the hill. I laughed, entered the building, and woke up.


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