Sooo my clairsentient abilities has begun to return to me as well. I started noticing it in my dreams when I could feel and sense exactly what my partner was feeling and know exactly what he was trying to say without him saying it. In addition, we were intimate in the dream and I could feel all the energy that we were exchanging. It was amazing. I know this all goes back to the concept of trusting myself and I remember a few years ago I had shut it all down because I didn’t like all the information I was receiving. I thought i was going crazy because no one around me was experiencing it. I developed anxiety during this time and just didn’t know how to handle all that was going on. I’d feel surges of energy in my crown area that rushed down my spine and almost caused me to pass out on the road several times while driving. It took a lot of strength of will to get to class safely back then. Plus, I started seeing things, hearing voices, having other out of body experiences and the information I found online wasn’t comforting at all. I use to pray to God all through my teen years that I would accept any spiritual gift I had, but don’t let me “see” spirits. Never spirits. And then I started seeing spirits. It just became too much for me so I shut it all down to focus solely on my 5 practical senses, the ones everyone could relate to.

Now I guess it’s all returning and I’m okay with that. I’m willing to work with myself and with my guardian angel to make this a smoother process. No more running, no more hiding, no more googling information to try and ensure I’m going in the “right” direction or that my experiences are like “the others”. This is a process for me to undertake, a very personal one, and something that requires I go at my own pace and do this in my own way. I can feel my heart stirring again. I feel very happy to be back on track.


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