Personal Development

I’ve been a lot like a dog chasing its own tail for the past few weeks. My friend sent me a link that talked about Men being from Mars and Women being from Venus. It was helpful to make me realize that I am balanced in terms of the energy of the sexes. I tend to refrain from labeling things like this but in many ways I am androgynous. I don’t think that men and women have to cope to things a certain way. I do think a lot of that is societal brainwashing as I am a female who when stressed, tends to keep it in, process it, before I even share it. I think that would be easy enough to accept if our society didn’t expect women to spill feelings all over the place all the time. Likewise, with men. I often encouraged my partner to cry and share his emotions with me. He loved it! But I didn’t think it any big deal. Be yourself. Just be yourself. What else is there in this journey anyways? There’s so many labels to become attached to. I went through much on this spiritual journey and was given many labels. My head became so heavy with crowns that I had to chuck them all at different points in the journey. There’s so much information out there to confuse the mind and distort the soul. I’ve been a lightworker, a pleadian, a healer, an old soul, a star seed. I’ve had the gift of discernment and clairvoyancy, etc. Just be. Really, just be.

After all is said and done, I think I just need a change of pace. Something to get me out of my house, out of my old routine, and to spend some time out and away from my thoughts and feelings. The energy in my room is so emotional yet so pensive. But I’m at a point where there really isn’t anything left to think about or to feel. We as humans have this amazing ability to drag things on longer than they need to, to hold on to things we ought to have let go of years ago. I’m not different, but I’d like to be. This new world that we’re entering into, where everyone is a psychiatrist, life coach, and a therapist on some level has gotten old. It’s good, mind you. But I don’t want to deal with the dramatics of things anymore. I’m ready to let it all go.

In the words of Maya Angelou, I’m just going to continue to give my best until I know better. Then I’ll do better.


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