Happy December!

Trying to force a new experience into old schemes activated my ego and I found myself trying to control everything. I’ve since learned that life is a lot easier if I just let go and let God. I’ve found the support I was longing for, and the encouragement I needed and that makes me feel good. Someone once told me that life is a lot easier if you just get out of your own way. He was right.

Happy December! November was an awesome month for growth and processing for me. I’m still learning and processing things but I’ve found a bit more strength within myself to the things I want for myself, even if it’s by myself. For a long time I wanted a  travel companion and sought a relationship with my twin for companionship purposes. No other reason. But I’ve since come to the realization that I needed to find that camaraderie in myself. I’m looking forward to the next few months and all that it entails.


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