Any Day But Sunday: A Good Sunday

So far, it’s been a good Sunday. So far I’ve woken up early (about 6:00am) before the sunrise, turned on my music, danced, and sang. This section of the world was waking up, but the magic of the wee hours of the morning (I call 3-4am “The Magic Hour”) still lingered.

I still haven’t taken myself to a movie. Hunger Games and Nightcrawler still remain unseen in my household. I still haven’t hopped in my car and driven anywhere simply because I wanted to. I haven’t sat in the form of a pretzel and meditated. I know the pretzel form isn’t necessary but it helps…me. I still haven’t worked out or anything like that. But I have been “coming clean” with people about who I am and what I like and don’t like.

I confessed yesterday that I didn’t think nursing was for me, with my mouth. That’s powerful. I was honest, truly honest, about who I am and the fact that I’m still trying to figure out who this “new” girl is. I’m finally learning more about this new self. I’m allowing myself to explore this rebirth and I think that’s what makes this Sunday such a good one.


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