Any Day But Sunday: Going Inward

When you accept that everything you need is inside yourself, there isn’t all that much you feel the need to do. You don’t feel the need to prove your worth, to change others, to absorb concepts to help define who you are and explain yourself. All of it becomes unnecessary because you discover that you are whole. You are complete because it’s the way you were created.

Some of us, after we’ve discovered this, don’t accept this. For people like myself, the idea that everything could be inside of us, despite the opinions of the rest of the world, just seemed too good to be true. We know it to be true, and yet we run. We try to find out if anything else exists that’s better than this knowing. This leads us to undertake a journey of exploration that always brings us back to ourselves. Nothing ever sticks, nothing ever lasts, but no matter where we go, we discover that inside of us, is the source of all that we are seeking. We continue to look outside of ourselves for answers and information, always putting that inner source on hold until one day we can’t run anymore. After a while, even a dog gets tired of chasing its own tail. For me, I had to accept this unconditional love that existed within and accept that the information I sought was all within me as well.


2 thoughts on “Any Day But Sunday: Going Inward

  1. Yes. One of the nice features of being satisfied is pretty much everything becomes a plus. Life is a series of gifts, of Christmases, that never end. Thank you for your lovely post. I found your blog off the spiritualforums site, FYI.
    Best wishes!


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