Taking Risks

There comes a point in our lives when we want to make a change but don’t. Despite all our complaining, when the opportunity presents itself for us to make a change, we choose not to take it. We become comfortable and even the pain of our situation, though it feels dreadful, is familiar. Every day becomes like the last and we find ourselves repeating ourselves. “Tomorrow I’m going to make a change.” “Tomorrow will be different.” But it never is because we never took a risk to make that change.

Risks are a necessary part of life. In order to experience the fullness of our being, risk is needed. In order to reach our fullest potentials, we have to be willing to make the change and then make that change. If we choose to not to take risks, to make every day like the last, to live our lives in fear and to allow fear to rule us, then we will never grow. We will never know who we truly are.

Dig deep, stretch far. Sometimes the beauty and fullness this life has to offer exists just outside of our comfort zones.


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