It’s Sunday: Giving It A Rest

After work, I’ve been going to bed later and later. It’s a testament to how comfortable I’ve gotten with my job that I don’t stroll into work until 4 minutes before it’s time to clock in. I’m not worried about my job performance anymore. I get it. Even if I don’t always know where things are, at least I feel comfortable enough to say that my patients won’t die from my lack of competence.

I’ve been writing here less and less because it’s kind of the same ol’, same ol’ I’ve been writing about before. It’s a good kind of redundance though. I’m starting to realize what it is I’ve been seeking at this stage in my life and why certain circumstances make me feel caged. I’m happier now because I have the opportunity to move on, I just have to choose a direction to move in.

Anyways, this is me giving it a rest and allowing the process to unfold.


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