Travel RN, FNP, and Going My Own Way

I’ve settled on travel nursing and reapplying for graduate school to become an FNP. I’m hoping that with the new experiences that I’ve had that I’ll be better able to market myself and demonstrate an understanding of the FNP role. This isn’t about getting out of the hospital anymore or about hating bedside nursing. I actually have a new found appreciation for my role as an RN. I think it’s just the realization that I want to be all that I can be. One day, I’m going to want a change and if I have the opportunity to go to graduate school, then I think I should give my best into going. I shouldn’t be flippant about it, which I was before, because at the time I wasn’t even sure if being an FNP was what I wanted and I felt I was chasing the degree for status purposes.

Recently, I’ve gotten addicted to I’m not exactly thrilled about this. While it can provide me with good information, I feel that many times it’s best to make decisions about my life and career using my own intuition and instincts. Many times I feel as though other people’s experiences on that site and many others differs quite a bit from my own so I’ve been trying to shy away from asking others for their input. I would like to try and figure stuff like this out a bit more on my own or with 1 to 1 help. I just need to go my own way and close off a bit from the world. I feel the need to be more self-reliant.


3 thoughts on “Travel RN, FNP, and Going My Own Way

    • lol Thanks. I use to get anxiety going on that site to read up about taking the NCLEX or hearing about new nurses who couldn’t get jobs. But I had a pretty good experience so I do need to tune it out a little bit or else I’ll start getting anxiety again. lol


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