New Beginnings/No Nurse Is An Island

Two more people from my cohort (we started together) left my unit yesterday. They were two of my favorite people on the unit. I enjoyed talking to them and because we all made it to the level of Charge Nurse, I asked them both to write me letters of recommendation which they did. It’s because of their supportiveness that I am able to venture into the world of travel nursing and I appreciate them a good deal for it. I only wish I had bought them a gift, but they said the hug would suffice. And one of them told me to stop by his house anytime.

One of the people from my cohort told me that the bridge program he’s signed onto starts on Monday. And then I thought, “I really hope I don’t get a job offer from a hospital that cuts it that close.” I’ve spoken to several recruiters at this point and I told them when I would like my start date to be and what my plan was. I would like a month off so that I can get my life in order before taking this self of mine on the road. One month should be enough to get me caught up on doctor, women’s health, and dental visits, tax preparations, etc. Maybe even have some time to buy a camera and purchase my own insurance? Yep, can’t forget about that. 🙂

I’ve been thinking that while traveling, I may just get back on Facebook to stay connected to people I’m far away from. But I keep on shrinking from that idea. I think for me, the lure of traveling is that you get to leave behind everything you know and venture into a whole new world where you have to learn to navigate using the resources you have and learn about yourself in this new environment. It’s a time where you learn what you can and can’t accept and what you’re capable of adapting to. Facebook keeps everything so close together and so seemingly small, all connected and recorded on this little social media site. I’m not a very sentimental person but I likely will buy the camera and maybe instead of going on Facebook, I’ll post my pictures here.


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