Going For the DNP

Someone reminded me that if you’re looking to receive something, then you need to get yourself into a position to receive it. Many times we don’t realize how we let trivialities clutter our lives and hold us back from achieving the things that we want to achieve. I always use to complain about how little energy I had and how little time I had. Yet, I kept saying that I wanted to go to graduate school full time. How would that have been possible if I was always tired and had no time? I spent most of my days off sleeping or propped in front of the television watching movies. I barely put in any real effort into getting into graduate school. Many times, I think it was all talk but little to no real action. I didn’t make room or time for my success. In addition to that, there was doubt fueled by the lack of a plan. Was I “ready” for the advanced practice role?

When I first graduated with my bachelors degree in nursing, I didn’t have any real plan to go back to get a master’s degree, let alone a doctoral degree. I didn’t mentally prepare for that and so I made no room for that in my life. I had planned that getting my bachelor’s degree would be the final milestone in my education and that everything else I would learn from hands on experience. After about 7 months of bedside nursing, it finally hit me that I would never truly be satisfied until I had gone as far as I could go in nursing. I wanted to take a more leadership role in the care of my patients, not just following orders put in place by those with advanced education, but also issuing them. I wanted to have more control over the treatment and care of my patients and more control over my career options. This desire to become a family nurse practitioner then evolved as I discovered that I could become a traveling nurse practitioner (also known as a locums tenens nurse practitioner) and I found that I could have even more control over my career direction and options and that my role as a family nurse practitioner was not limited solely to one clinic, one hospital, or one focus. I found that I could combine my love of travel with my desire for greater autonomy and more flexibility.

Lately, my desire to go to graduate school has gotten stronger. I’m very interested in getting my doctoral degree to become a family nurse practitioner. I’m willing to put in the work, all while being a travel nurse (until I am ready to explore the world of labor and delivery for a time). I’ve finally made that space in my life that allows me to continue my education and pursue the life that I’d like to lead. I’ve made the time for it to happen in my life by reducing my stress level and removing clutter and I’ve begun to look forward to receiving my doctoral degree. I can say with much confidence and certainty now that I am in fact ready for the advanced practice role and to become a family nurse practitioner.


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