Not All Who Wander

I think my first travel assignment is relatively low paying. But what’s so funny is that I can’t seem to find it in me to care. I was more interested in finding a supportive unit with great nurse to patient ratios, a positive and supportive manager, and a nice location. As long as I can pay my bills and have a few hundred left over for saving, recreational books, and exploring, I’m content. It’s almost needless to say that money has never been a good enough incentive for me to do things. Personal growth usually is.

My aunt reminded me last night that I’ve been talking about traveling since I was in high school. She reminded me that before I even received my degree, I was talking about wanting to be a travel nurse and that I was eager to see the world. It’s funny because I couldn’t remember voicing that desire to anyone. I think I got even more confident that this was a good choice when I discovered that I could also travel as a nurse practitioner. It feels nice to know that my desire to travel doesn’t have to end with the DNP and a slight alter in scope of practice. I’m happy to discover that I can do a lot of this online. It feels even better to know that there are people who travel while in Graduate school as well. It makes me feel like it’s possible to live the life of my dreams and to accomplish the things I want to accomplish.

Here’s to hoping~


2 thoughts on “Not All Who Wander

  1. I agree with you. Travel nursing is not just about the money. It is about the experience of working in different hospitals, exploring different places/regions, learning to get along with people and mostly discovering lots of stuff about yourself that you would otherwise never learn if you just stayed in one place. Safe travels!

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