Pace Yourself

I’m learning, not only to embrace uncertainty, but to pace myself. When I started college, I was so overly excited that I threw all caution to the wind and overlooked some very important aspects of the experience. It was my naivety and high expectations that resulted in me slipping into a self-diagnosed depression and entering into a terrible emotional roller coaster that felt like bipolar disorder with it’s high highs and low lows.

I know better now and so I know to take my time and to not jump to conclusions about a place and what I can handle. I look at my life more realistically now. As I am currently in Texas, I would like to work extra shifts but I have yet to experience the unit, it’s population, and the workload. I am trying to be realistic and brace myself to see what I can and can’t do so as to not overwork myself and end up in a situation where I feel off balance and unhappy.


Open Heart in Texas

When I had initially made plans to go to Texas, I had sworn off all men and dating while traveling down South. School, work, and working out was all I had planned to do. But now that I’m here, I’m pulling back on my words! All work and no play can easily make a girl quite dull and I realize now that perhaps my original plan was a bad idea!

I’ve been running from heart ache. But in the process I completely shut myself off to finding a potential companion and mate. So now, without expectation, I’ve reopened my heart. I’m going to continue to pursue all the things I want to pursue, work, working out, graduate school, but I’m also going to keep an open heart to love and to loving.

Here’s to finding love wherever that love may be!

Setting Priorities

I’ve found the importance of making space in one’s life to achieve the outcomes one would like to achieve. As a result of this, I have decided to set a few priorities for myself. Obviously, graduate school is going to be top tier on my list followed by travel nursing. But there are other things that I want to do for myself as well.

I’ve been going back and forth in my head about what I want to do when I get to the area of my first travel assignment. I think I might’ve gotten overwhelmed about it too at some point. I think I was trying to do too much and stressing out about not knowing what exactly there is to do in the area and feeling like I won’t get to sight see like I’m suppose to as a traveler. And then I thought, “But what is it you want to do, C-nite?”

It’s a fair question. I want to workout. Seriously. Sight-seeing, doing a lot of stuff while there is great I’m sure. But my top 3 priorities while there will be completing my apps and information for school,┬álearning as much as I can on the assignment, and working out! I’m really happy with this list, even though it seems pretty regular. I want more energy and I think the best way to acquire that is by getting back in shape.