Pace Yourself

I’m learning, not only to embrace uncertainty, but to pace myself. When I started college, I was so overly excited that I threw all caution to the wind and overlooked some very important aspects of the experience. It was my naivety and high expectations that resulted in me slipping into a self-diagnosed depression and entering into a terrible emotional roller coaster that felt like bipolar disorder with it’s high highs and low lows.

I know better now and so I know to take my time and to not jump to conclusions about a place and what I can handle. I look at my life more realistically now. As I am currently in Texas, I would like to work extra shifts but I have yet to experience the unit, it’s population, and the workload. I am trying to be realistic and brace myself to see what I can and can’t do so as to not overwork myself and end up in a situation where I feel off balance and unhappy.


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