Canceling My Cable

I cancelled reduced my cable subscription today. I now get basic cable (plus extreme internet) for half of what I use to pay. Doing it that way was cheaper than if only paid for the extreme speed internet package. But I wanted to reduce the amount of money I was spending. Also, I got the password for xfinity comcast back home and so I can watch all movies and shows online at no cost to me.

I was reluctant to cancel. I didn’t know how I would be able to pass my time here but I think I’ll be okay. I actually haven’t been watching as much television as I thought I would (or that I thought I did) and I did a bit of sightseeing in the area so I’m quite comfy at the moment. I’m saving a pretty penny too by getting rid of the internet which makes me feel even better because there’s less payments for me to make out of my weekly income.

In addition, I want more me time. I’ve lived with self-doubt for so long that there’s a part of me that wants to just sit and examine my own feelings. The last few weeks have lead to one revelation after another for me as I realize that much of what I felt or perceived was accurate in relation to personal situations, how others felt, how they perceived me and others, who I really am, what I really wanted to do, etc. I’m learning about myself in a more natural way. My own way. As opposed to what others have prescribed to me. And that feels good. I don’t need cable as badly as I thought I did. It’s a useful tool. But I can save a lot more money without it.


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