I Love Sugar…Too Much

I recently took a trip to London, England where I became painfully aware of how much sugar I consume on a daily basis. Everything I ate there was not nearly as sweet as the foods and beverages I consumed in the U.S. When I returned home, I found myself taking an honest look at what I consumed and found that everything I ate was densely packed with sugar. Caramel iced lattes (with extra caramel and an extra packet of sugar for the road), white bread, passion tea lemonades with extra shots of sweetener, soda, special K protein bars, tea, that I add extra sugar too for “flavor”, sweet tea, french fries, etc. My addiction to sugar/carbs just became all too apparent and has doubled if not quadrupled throughout the years. Many days I’ve complained about not having much energy. I’m chronically tired. And now I know why.

I ended up throwing away a good chunk of what was in my fridge. The breads, the lattes, the extra sweet teas, being in London, England showed me another way of eating, without all the incredibly sweet beverages and high carb foods. I’m currently going cold turkey and found myself incorporating more and more water into my daily life, a habit which I developed while in London. I think this will help me as I work to improve myself and to take more pride in who I am as a person.


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