Inner Musing in Arizona

Since relocating to Arizona, my inner/spiritual life has been good. And that’s not to say that I’m happy all the time or that life has been easy or that it’s all smooth sailing, but that I feel balanced.

Ever so often, I look back at my old writings to reflect on the person I use to be. I want to tell that girl that I’m proud of her for persevering. I read my old journal entries and there was constant mention of travel and spiritual growth and enlightenment. I’m proud of myself for venturing down that path. I have done everything that little girl wanted to do. Get my bachelor’s degree in nursing without ever repeating a class, do well as an RN and find a specialty I care about, fall in love, travel, have spiritual experiences, astral project/OBE, learn to trust myself and accept my spiritual gifts, etc. I’ve done it! Not everything I had ventured to achieve produced the results I expected or wanted but I can’t guilt myself for trying. And now I’m not a little girl anymore and it’s time for me to make new experiences.

I’ll be honest, I don’t particularly have any hardcore goals at this time. Not the way I did when I was a girl/teenager or a young woman in college. I would like to write more. Reading those old stories I wrote in high school reminded me of how creative I was and can be as a writer. I’m thinking about transcribing some of them to this blog. Many of them are pretty deep but others are actually quite funny!

We will see.


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