Reflecting on the Journey

I seldom ever look back at the things I’ve written but lately I’ve been doing it a lot! I went from thinking myself crazy, delusional, and naive to accepting I might not be all that crazy but really more inexperienced and idealistic at the times when I undertook a new project. When you’re going through a situation, your outlook might be a little different than when you look back or have an outsider’s perspective. There’s also many aspects of my life that I did not blog about, or that I remember blogging about but then deleting because I was too ashamed to acknowledge it, or something of the sorts.

Anyways, looking back, I have to laugh at myself. Like, really laugh. I’ve actually tackled a lot of the things I wanted to and experienced a lot of what I wanted to (but didn’t always get the results I was expecting) and it’s actually quite cool! Here’s some:

  • Met my twin soul (Didn’t go as I expected. Was actually quite stressful. lol But enlightening *nods*)
  • Dated a bit (Also enlightening)
  • Travel Nursing (love it!)
  • Got a new specialty (Love specialties! Not the one I planned on getting but pleased nonetheless)
  • Accepted my spiritual gifts
  • Got into a Doctoral program (turned it down after discovering that it was NOT the specialty I wanted)
  • Dropped 10k on my student loans (woot! Almost done!)

Anyways, I’m pretty content even though I didn’t get all the things I wanted. I don’t really have any more die hard goals as I said in my last blog. I think a lot of the pressure I was putting on myself in the past (getting rich, being successful, money money money, real estate!) came from the people around me (more than likely from my ex). It’s really important that we’re mindful of who we allow into our lives and how they affect us, no matter how much we love them. My chakras have improved and opened up again, I feel balanced, I’ve cleared my head quite a bit, and I’m just looking forward to creating new experiences and enjoying my life, whatever that turns out to be and look like. Yes, I do want to write more creative pieces, or more along the lines of stories, but I’m not sure if I’ll be sharing them here or if I’ll create another blog, etc. I’m looking into taking a class while here in Arizona, just to meet some more like minds/like hearts and people outside of hospital life.

I realized I don’t have many friends my own age! I don’t have many friends (period) but most of my friends are older. I’d like to make more friends my own age but for some reason it hardly, if ever, happens. But who knows? Maybe next year or next month, or next week will bring me with another like mind my own age. I’m willing to let life surprise me.


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