Express Yourself: Thanks Arizona

Since coming to Arizona, something inside of me has wanted to stop. I’ve been blogging about it over and over throughout the weeks about how I just can’t do “it” anymore. Realizing that control is an illusion and seeing the labyrinth of the mind (it’s all a mind-fuck) was breathtaking. And I let go. Of everything. No more stressing about the future or worrying about what could be or should be or didn’t happen. The chips will fall where they fall. No more running. Just me. Here. Now.

All of this has given birth to my need to express myself creatively and honestly. All of me, as best as I can and I’ve had to release many of the things and people who I felt kept me back from this freedom of expression that I had long since forgotten. I love writing. I love expressing myself, observing patterns and expressing the images I see in everyday life or the crazy images that flash across my mind. And I like speaking, from the heart, and telling stories and hearing stories.

Lately it all feels new again even though I know it’s not. And I’m grateful. So…thank you Arizona.


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