Just Stop

When your life or work or whatever you’re doing becomes a chore, it’s probably time to stop, reevaluate, and figure out what the hell it is you really want to do. Don’t ignore the signs. You feeling bad, means it’s time to stop, think,

And another thing….happiness is so freaking overrated. Some people have said to me, “You don’t seem really happy.” And I’ll be honest, if you’re expecting me to walk around laughing and smiling and telling you about how great my life is all the time…you won’t get it. I have days when I’m crying. I have moments when I’m lonely, I have days where getting out of bed just is not my first priority and you know what? So what? That’s okay. It’s okay. From what I remember, that too is also allowed. Don’t drink the kool-aid…unless you want to. But at least be aware of it.

Oh my gosh people just be! lol That’s what I’m bursting to say right now. Just be! I’m laughing right now. But let’s keep it honest: I’m so sick of hiding. Be. lol! Just be…


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