I’m ending my travel contract early so that I can take up a new staff position working with babies. I’ll be working in the IMC Nursery as well as cross training for the Neonatal ICU starting mid-February.5b0b645324fd54690a8ade57fd2bab33

So much has transpired since the last time I wrote here. I’ve undergone so much healing in the last few months and I’m at peace. Not again, not “back to normal”. Not something I’ve been through before and I’m now on my comfort zone kind of thing. Just peace. Just being. Lately I can feel my consciousness expanding as cords have been cut and my soul is free to continue to explore this place it was put on to explore.

I’ve travelled. I have no regrets. Ive met wonderful people, tasted amazing food, and experienced beautiful weather. I let a lot of people go and embraced a lot of new, uplifting, enlightening souls. I’ve fallen in and out of love. Ive been alone and with others and reencountered the Divine. And now I’m here. Born into a new level of consciousness. And I’ll be working with babies as they make this transition from the womb to this life.

I don’t know what to expect. I have no expectations really. I’m just here, now, allowing the process to unfold as it needs to.


Letter to The Old

I’ll keep this short…

For me, talking to you is exhausting. You require a lot of TLC. You take all of my energy and leave nothing but exhaustion, stress, confusion and weight gain in its place. You were deeply unhappy. For so long I deceived myself but now I won’t. You’re not a partner you’re a parasite. You’ve always been a parasite. I was your host. I am not your host anymore.