Update Your Blacklist

Blacklist: A list of people, organizations, etc, that are disapproved of, or that are to be punished or avoided.

I’ve decided it’s time to update my blacklist. On this list are people (mostly) that have shown themselves to be untrustworthy, cruel, isolating, or belittling. Maliciously so. This list includes former friends, family members, coworkers, friends of family, etc. In the last two ye3a27d0aars, I have met and distanced myself from several people who have not treated me well. I forgave them, but I hadn’t updated my list. This is crucial, because it means that I was still wrestling with the lesson of it all. However, after many of my recent events, I felt it was time to add a few more names.

The thing about forgiveness and vulnerability is that it doesn’t have to mak9c305a4e803e13d43140c985f5e7648de you meek. It doesn’t have to allow you to have the same people attempt to hurt you again and again. Otherwise, what have you learned? What was your take away from the experience? Some people are just down right malicious and toxic and you owe it to yourself to distance from that!

I’ve added 6 new people (as well as their energy pattern) to the list. That way, I know to steer clear of anyone or anything that reminds me of their energy signature. Some experiences aren’t worth repeating. But I have learned. For one thing, and this is part of my confession, my experiences with my preceptor and some of my friends has caused me to take a good look at myself and my own views. I think because I wanted a life very similar to a woman I admired, I might’ve had a preoccupation with Asians. I’d often find that because of my preoccupation, most of my “friends” (and yes, my ex) were Asian. But they never really had my best interest at heart. Many of them were racist ignorant. I remember many of their remarks and I wish I had the courage in myself to have distanced from them sooner or call them out on it. But I didn’t. Now, I look at them the way I do everyone else. So I learned to take some people off the pedestal, and to let some investments go.

And with that said, I think I could use a good cry.


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