Know Thyself

Dear Blog,

I’ve been waiting for the results of my Michael channelled chart for several days now. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to really ask myself a few questions. “What do I want?” “What am I looking for?” “Where do I think I’d find it?” And it occurred to me that I’ve been missing the point of all this. Self-exploration. As the process began to demand more of me than just research and reflection in the privacy of my own on home, I piled on a lot of clutter and came up with a lot of ways to distract myself from doing the difficult work of growth and exploration. But it’s so important to know oneself. In fact, I’d even venture to say that it’s the most important.

 I’ve been going through a very transitionary time in my life where it’s come to my attention that I have been somewhat avoiding the going forward in my growth out of fear. Fear of making a mistake, fear of never being able to come back from that mistake. Arrogance. Arrogance and stubbornness has kept me back from living the life I want to lead for far too long. But I will never be happy if I don’t do the things I want to do, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense to those around me. I need to live my best life. To take the steps necessary to grow and to continue on the process of self-exploration.

Know Thyself. It’s the best advice I’ve ever gotten. It’s time for me to take it. Really take it and to not continue to allow myself to be deterred by those who simply see me as some weary/bored young adult or some lazy millennial  Time to really dive deeply into myself and explore not just the information I’ve already known but have forgotten, but also the information I never knew. It’s time to get to know myself. Very well. 

I might be taking a bit of a hiatus. But I’ll write whenever inspiration takes me. 


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