Part-Time Work, Part-Time School, Full-Time Wholeness. Or, “I.Choose.Freedom”

I haven’t been on much. I know. Sorry about that. But lately I’ve just been enjoying and processing my life. I went to Trinidad, spent time with family, created new friendships and relationships, turned 25, and rediscovered what I enjoyed doing most in my life. It’s really simple. I’ve always known I just never quite let go enough to really to experience it. But it’s communicating with people. Connecting with them, counseling, teaching, sharing life with them. Being able to have the freedom to do that and to just experience life has taken the forefront for me.

I wrote in my previous blog about how unhappy or stressed I was with my attachment to institutions. But for the longest time I had convinced myself that I HAD to work a full-time job for whatever reason. But all my bills are paid, “debt” is manageable, and I decided that it’s time to really do things for myself. I think I always knew this but more than anything else, I like my freedom.

So this is where I’m at right now: switching to part-time work, sticking with part-time school, detaching from work institutions, and choosing my freedom, creativity, health, peace of mind, and inspiration. Because if I don’t let go, I’ll never really know what else is out there. In my head, I imagine that I’d be called lazy for this. But truth be told, I don’t care.



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