5th Level Old Priest Soul


I got my Michael’s channelled chart back a few days ago and since then I’ve just been processing it. For one thing, I knew I was “rare”. I can sense it. Initially, I found myself thinking maybe I’m a 2nd or 3rd level Old soul, maybe I’m a Mature soul in the late stages. I also wasn’t sure if I was really a Sage, a Scholar, a Priest, or a Server soul. Turns out I’m 5th Level Old Priest soul. I read about what each of that looks like and even ordered the interpretation of the chart since some of the information surprised me. I’m still waiting on the results.

For one thing, it seems like I am a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Maybe that’s why I resonated with everything. It’s very different from people who seem to be ALL one thing or who are what I consider to be extreme. I never was. My goal is Flow, I’m a Realist, I have more masculine energy than feminine, my chief obstacle is arrogance. My main center is physical and I tend to be more in the emotional part of the physical center. I think the emotional part of the physical center is the only thing that truly lined up with my Priest Soul side since Priest souls tend to prefer emotional centering. But being in the physical centering means that I tend to be more “sexual” than most Priest souls.

After I got my chart, I was trying to be cheap and not purchase an interpretation of the information since I have the books. I figured I could do it myself. And in a way I did. I know what the information means for the most part but I wanted to get the bigger picture and see what it overall means for me. So far, all I got is, “I’m a big.fucking.puzzle.” Aren’t we all? Sure. But you’d have to admit that some people do stand out more than others at times. A lot of my information almost contradicted each other even though it was very accurate and very true of me. So I’m just going to wait patiently for the feedback.

Finally getting those answers helped to give me some kind of peace and clarity. It helped me to see in myself why it is my focus is almost always on the bigger picture, why I tend to be so spiritually minded, why people often seem to think me “cold” and
“detached” despite the fact that I do see what they’re seeing, I just am not able (or truly willing) to find myself in the midst of all the immediate emotional and intense drama. There’s always been a side of me that’s somehow able to be in the midst of struggle and strife and still be on the outside looking in asking “what is this all really about?” And I figured out long ago that not only are we all connected, but I see bits and pieces of myself in every single person I encounter. I often think, “That could have been me if…and I wasn’t aware of any other options or ways of viewing the situation” I think this chart helped explain it and put it all together for me.




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